Incoming students

Welcome to COMU !

You’ve been selected as an exchange student ? You will visit the Communication School of the Université catholique de Louvain during one semester or a full academic year ? We will do our best to facilitate your social integration and your academic stay in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Guide de l’étudiant

Please, note that NO information will be sent to the student WHITOUT PRIOR NOMINATION by the home institution.

As a rule, the School will only accept students coming within a preestablished exchange agreement. These agreements are essential for ensuring that each student will receive the academic and administrative assistance he or she requires.

Once a partner institution notifies us of the selection of an exchange student, the Erasmus Coordinator will send him/her application and housing forms by e-mail.

The application form, properly completed and signed, must be sent back by postal mail only, together with the required documents :

  • A photocopy of a valid passport or identity card (non-European Union citizens should be in possession of a visa);
  • Two colour photos;
  • ECTS learning Agreement (proposed program of courses to attend at the UCL) signed by your academic coordinator;

This document will normally be made available by the academic coordinator at your home institution, who should show his/her agreement by signing this document. COMU will check the availability of courses during the scheduled study period and send the document back, duly signed. In case you haven’t received a learning agreement from your home institution, you can download this document here.

  • Transcript of records of all your previous university years.

The deadlines for receiving both the application form and the learning agreement are May 31st for the first semester or the full year and November 30th for the second semester.

Please note that the housing request form should be returned exclusively to the housing office as soon as possible. Housing is provided on a first come first served basis. University housing is not garanteed for all exchange students. Getting into UCL accommodation is more difficult during the first semester than the second semester.

Upon arrival, students should go to the Office of the Registrar in Louvain-la-Neuve in order to register at the university. Your contact person at the Office of the Registrar is Mrs. Laura Haineaux.

The Office will ask them the following documents:

  • a photocopy of the UCL acceptance document « Autorisation d’inscription »
  • the downloadable enrolment application for exchange students
  • a colour passport size photograph with a white background
  • a copy of a valid passport or identity card (+ for non-European Union citizens, copy of the page that contains the visa);
  • a proof of health insurance (photocopy of European health card or a private insurance certificate).
  • a photocopy of the accommodation contract

On Faculty level:

For Academic Year 2015-2016, these mandatory orientation meetings are sheduled as follow:

  • On Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 4:00 pm for students coming on the 1st semester (further information)
  • To be confirmed for students coming on the 2nd semester

Students who can’t attend this meeting have to inform the Erasmus Coordinator.

Upon arrival in Louvain-La-Neuve, the students will then have to go to the office of the Erasmus Coordinator to introduce themselves and receive the needed information for registration.

Subsequently, students will receive by mail at their local address their student card, access card and codes for accessing their virtual office, icampus and wifi.

How many courses?

According to the ECTS system, a normal workload of one academic year is 60 ECTS and of one semestre is 30 ECTS.

Although it is up to the home university to determine the exact number of credits you are required to earn, the Communication School of Louvain expects you to have a workload comparable to the one you would be required to take on at your home institution.

Which course in which program(s)?

Depending on your major subject area, your should normally choose courses in the Master degree programs in Communication (LCOMU2). Bachelor students may take courses in the Bachelor degree program in Communication (LCOMU1).  You should have the necessary French language skills to follow classes in French.

You have to take whole your courses or the majority of them in Communication (course codes LCOMU). Depending on the specific requirements of the home institution, and upon explicit authorisation of the UCL International Affairs coordinator, you might be allowed to follow a limited number of courses in other degree programs (maximum 50% of your program).

Course catalogues

Please read the principles very carefully before setting up your learning agreement.

French courses

Your can follow French or other languages courses at the Institut des Langues Vivantes (ILV).

Please, don’t miss the ILV information sessions.

  • If the language course is part of your learning agreement, you are allowed to follow courses without extra charge, max 10 ECTS/semester French courses and max 6 ECTS/semester other languages.
  • If the language course is not part of your learning agreement, you can follow courses for all the languages EXCEPT English, Dutch and Spanish.

You will be considered as a “free student” (standart fees and enrolment process).

For additionnal information regarding language courses, please refer to the ILV Website.

Exams and results

Registration to examinations is done via your ‘virtual office’ accessible on the UCL home page. Exam registration dates are specified in the COMU Calendar.

The student has to sit exams for those subjects for which he or she has not yet obtained a satisfactory result or for which he or she has not yet taken the exam.

Each exam however can only be presented twice during the year (in January and September OR in June and September). See our examination rules.

Students are strongly advised to attend courses from the very beginning of term, in order to increase their chances of passing their exams at UCL.

At the end of your stay a transcript of records will be sent to the school coordinator of your home institution. This document is exclusively for academic recognition of courses taken at UCL by the home university.

Following their registration at UCL, students will receive via mail at their local adress a student card and login/password providing internet access.

Upon your arrival you have to 
– activate your virtual office (e-mail, informations boards, etc)

  • register on I-campus (virtual plateform used by the professors to exchange documents and useful informations with their students)

Two computer rooms are available:

  • Rooms 7 and 8 in the Doyens Building (Mac) .

Opening hours are Monday through friday from 8:30 until 18:00 except when they are occupied by classes.

A wireless network is also available in the Dupriez building which supports connnection of PC or Mac laptops. To setup the Wifi connection, see

Before arrival

When should I apply for housing?

You should apply for University housing as soon as possible, housing is granted on a first come first served basis.

Where can I find housing information?


Where should I send my housing request form?

Upon nomination by your home university, you will receive together with the registration form a housing request form. The form should be return to the housing office (adress in the form) NOT the international office of the Communication School.

Where should I send my registration form?

Your registration form should be sent by postal mail only to

Valérie Loutsch / International Affairs Coordinator

Université catholique de Louvain

Ecole de Communication

Ruelle de la lanterne magique, 14 bte L2.03.02

B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


Can I send my registration form via fax or e-mail?

We accept application via postal mail only.

When will I receive acceptance notification?

Registration forms sent to the international office (Mrs. Valérie Loutsch) are forwarded to the UCL admission’s office who will send an « autorisation d’inscription » (acceptance letter). Should you need to apply to a visa for your stay in Belgium, this document is required by the Belgian ambassy of your country of residence.

Upon arrival

How can I get my certificate of arrival signed?

You should come to the international office (Mrs. Valérie Loutsch) during the opening hours with your certificate of arrival and we will be happy to sign it for you.

When and how should I register to classes?

Classe registration is done exclusively by the International office on the basis of a signed and approved learning agreement. No changes to the study plan will be made if they have not been approved by the home and host university. Thus please make sure your learning agreement is mailed to the international office together with your registration form and the changes to your learning agreement are made within the deadlines of the Economics School (usually 3 to 4 weeks after the start of the semester, see the academic calendar for specific dates) 

Where can I find course schedules?

A link to the course schedule is accessible from the student’s portal:

COMU Master course schedules

Bachelor courses schedule

May I attend courses from other degree programmes?

Depending on the specific requirements of the home institution, and upon explicit authorisation of the International Affairs coordinator, students may be allowed to follow a limited number of courses in other degree programs for a maximum of 15 ECTS credits/semester. The student should make sure (s)he has the necessary pre-requisites to follow the course and ask for the Professor’s authorization.

During your stay

Who is your contact person?

Your contact person is the International Affairs Coordinator of the Communication School (Mrs. Valérie Loutsch). Whatever the level of the course taken (bachelor / master), your contact person always remains on the School level. Do not contact the secretariat of the bachelor level for administrative issues.

When and how should I register to exams?

Registration to exams is done via your ‘virtual office’ accessible on the UCL home page. Exam registration dates are specified in the academic calendar of the Communication School. Even if you take all your courses on bachelor level, you have to follow the deadlines of the Communication School (and not the ones of the bachelor programmes).

At the end of your stay

How can I get a transcript mailed to my home university?

Transcripts are send via email and mailed to your home university as soon as possible after the end of the examination session. First semester transcripts should be sent out in February. Second semester transcripts should be sent in July. Please make sure you provide the international office with the name, address and e-mail to whom transcripts should be sent.

How can I get my exam results?

Exam results are accessible via your ‘virtual office’ accessible on the UCL home page. The academic calendar of the Communication School specifies when the results are available for students.

How can I get my certificate of departure signed?

You should come to the  international office during the opening hours with your certificate of arrival and we will be happy to sign it for you.


Valérie Loutsch Responsable administrative


Laurence Minguet Gestionnaire des mémoires et stages


Anne Balfroid Gestionnaire du Master 120

G51A1850 - Version 2

Geneviève Parent Gestionnaire des Masters 60

Adrien de CallataÿIncoming students